The Chamber Orchestra of Bitola ⋮IWConnect, with its ‘Jonche Hristovski Symphony,’ created a true spectacle last night that will be remembered for a long time. Makedonsko devojche, Ako umram il zaginam, Aj zasvirete mi chalgii… were just a few lines from the verses that the Bitola audience enjoyed last night at the first of the two concerts dedicated to the Macedonian musical legend Jonche Hristovski.

The audience at this concert was one of the largest to date. The hall at the Bitola Cultural Center was filled with admirers of the life and work of Jonche Hristovski, who had the honor of spending two hours listening to Jonche’s most beautiful gems. Emotions, continuous thunderous applause, uplifted faces, and the exquisite Macedonian music filled the Bitola Cultural Center.

The extraordinary concert managed to capture the unique style of performance that Jonche had, as well as the emotions that these songs always evoke when heard. The musical notes carried by the concert created a warm and pleasant atmosphere that thrilled everyone present.

This concert delivered a powerful message that music has the power to unite all, to support and promote our history and culture, and to enchant the hearts of all attendees. Last night’s concert confirmed that even after so much time, Jonche Hristovski is and will continue to be one of the founders of Macedonian music.

Performing at the concert were Violeta Tomovska, Risto Samardziev, Lenche Kukikj, Goran Kukikj, Elena Andonovska, Dushko Georgievski, Petar Mladenovski (Superhiks), and Agni Avshar.

The second concert, ‘Jonche Hristovski Symphony,’ will take place today in Skopje, at the National Opera and Ballet at 8:00 PM. We believe that this concert will also be phenomenal and will contribute greatly not only to preserving and promoting the life and work of Jonche Hristovski but also to the Macedonian musical heritage and culture. Don’t miss the second concert!

Photo: Diogen Hadzi-Kosta Milevski